Freeze Lock

Last updated: 2024-01-28

Freeze lock has been developed by Gyrowin dev team.

Freeze lock means when we unlock tokens for adding liquidity or any platform-related task, it will have a cooling period before it gets unlocked for use.

Set it to 7 days and renounced control it on the smart contract. What this means is that the team would be able to use those tokens only after 7 days of the request made to lock the smart contract. The contract function emits event details about the unlocked token amount, which will alert our token holders. And also give them enough time to react to the situation.

Freeze Lock is an open API (verified smart contract) that can be shared in real-time with public for the transparency.

The release of the freezelock tokens can only be requested through a successful governance voting. Additionally, the ownership of the freezelock contract is changed to a multisig entity.

* Gyrowin has not implemented this yet.

Freeze lock smart contract on GitHub:

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