🏡Evergreen plant

Last updated: 2024-01-30

Evergreen plant is a long term zero-risk staking with CB. (what is staking?)

Time deposit with CB

Users are provided convertible bond NFT worth 50~80% of stable coin in GW.

This concept is a similar to Time deposit + CB. However Evergeen plant has no liquidity risk unlike the CB risk.

How does it work?

  1. Users stake stable coin such as USDT, FDUSD, etc,.

  2. Users have option to stake monthly payments for a specific period of time.

  3. Be provided with 80% of stable coin in GW as convertible bond NFT.

  4. If users want to get additional profit, they can stake to Money plant.

  5. Users can convert CB NFT. In this case the NFT will be burnt. e.g. If GW has been a skyrocket, they might get more profit than staking.

  6. Users should return the CB NFT when lock is over to get back stable coin with rewards.

Why Evergreen plant?

  • Safest staking at Gyrowin platform (Trust in Gyrowin)

  • AI-bot specifically engineered to meticulously search and identify platforms offering the highest Annual Percentage Rate (APR), ensuring optimal returns

  • Additionally, users can get lottery rewards and Money plant rewards

Can I sell GW?

Sure. If GW has been a skyrocket, you might get more profit than staking.

You pay a fee and trade GW.

Can I withdraw before the locking period is over?

Yes. You pay a 10~20% penalty fee and get back your staking stable coin.

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