⚙️Gyrowin API

Last updated: 2024-03-11

Gyrowin API offers real-time draw data updates. Private-data messages can be subscribed on a specified authenticated endpoint.

Gyrowin API Link: https://developer.gyro.win

General Considerations

  • All messages received via WebSockets are encoded in JSON format

  • Timestamps should not be considered unique and not be considered as aliases for transaction IDs. Also, the granularity of timestamps is not representative of transaction rates.

  • Websocket api connection has timeout of 20 minutes, where I/O is idle.

  • Google cloud run service uses max 1 day timeout for maintenance and loadbalancer has the timeout of 3600 seconds, so please add a retry mechanism when the connection closes or for any unforseen circumstances.

  • Recommended reconnection behaviour is to (1) attempt reconnection instantly up to a handful of times if the websocket is dropped randomly during normal operation but (2) after maintenance or extended downtime, attempt to reconnect no more quickly than once every 5 seconds. There is no advantage to reconnecting more rapidly after maintenance during cancel_only mode.

Resource Types

URIs are relative to wss://api.gyro.win/v1/ws, unless otherwise noted.

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