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Last updated: 2023-08-22

Because blockchain only allows data to be added, once added, it cannot be modified or removed. In other words, block chain is the only read-only computer among publicly verified computers.

It is possible to create a winner by manipulating the computer with the lottery numbers drawn because there is chance to unwanted human involved, however manipulation is impossible in the blockchain because lottery buyers make purchases using the blockchain through smart contract.

A smart contract is a program that executes when predetermined conditions are met to add data to the blockchain. It is typically used to automate the execution of contracts so that all participants can immediately see the outcome without intermediary involvement or fraud and loss of time.

However, unwanted human also can involved smart contract, the source code should be published, and audited by well-known company.

What safety does Gyrowin share towards potential investors?

  • Doxxed team (KYCed)

  • Decentalized Oracle networks

  • Multi signature wallets to sign in contract tx

  • Governance system

  • Fully audited contracts by Solidproof

  • Tokenomics audits for secure business models by Hacken

  • Decentralised contract ativities using Chainlink automation (e.g. drawing lottery number)

You can verify the validity of the generated lottery number, and that it's not being manipulated. It's generated based on the seed. So, if the algorithm is manipulated, you would know in VRF.

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