🤼‍♂️P2P Trading


All the NFTs with different price ranges are available for users to choose from.

  • 10$-200$ (2 lottery tickets to enter)

  • 201$-400$ (4 lottery tickets to enter)

  • 401$-800$ (8 lottery tickets to enter)

  • 801$-1200$ (10 lottery tickets to enter)

The starting NFTs are in the range of 10-200$. As the NFT sales increase, users can explore different price range tiers.

To purchase an NFT, users need to buy any lottery tickets. The higher the price range of the NFT, the more lottery tickets need to be purchased.

Once the user buys a ticket, they will be randomly given an NFT within the chosen price range. For instance, if the user decides to buy an NFT in the range of 10$-200$, they will not know which NFT they received until they actually receive it.

If a user selects the price range of 10$-200$, they must always have 200$ worth of GW in advance. This ensures that the user cannot know the NFT they will receive and prevents them from retrying until they get a better NFT.

If the user receives the $60 NFT, they will be refunded $140 worth of Gyrowin tokens from the initial charge of $200 worth of Gyrowin tokens. This refund is intended to conceal the amount received.

"3% Staking Earn every 3 days"

The user must hold the NFT for a period of 3 days. After this holding period, all users are required to return the NFT. Upon return, the user will receive 3% of the $60 in the form of Gyrowin tokens. Additionally, the price of the NFT will increase from $60 to $60 + 3% and be added to the NFT pool, from which users can randomly purchase the NFT following the same pattern.

The Gyrowin tokens will be rewarded from the allocated reserve for peer-to-peer trading of NFTs. This process will be repeated until the price of the NFT reaches $1,200. After the price reaches $1,200, users can sell their NFTs back to the platform to reclaim their rewards. The NFT will be burned once it reaches $1,200 or more.

A maximum threshold for Gyrowin NFT buyback with Gyrowin tokens has been set. Once the allocated reserve for this buyback is depleted, it will cease. Currently, we have decided to allocate approximately 100 million Gyrowin tokens.

"Limited Staking, up to burn 100,000,000 GW"

  • Limited NFT issued every day. First come first serve!

  • Once 100,000,000 GW burnt, P2P trading completely stop.

Which allocation of GW?

Marketing allocation will be used and burnt.

Value proposition

P2P Trading

  • Investors have the opportunity to make a risk-free investment and can claim 3% of their NFT immediately within 3 days. By offering a guaranteed 3% buyback on their P2P NFT, we provide added security and assured rewards.

  • Fees are in the from of buying lottery tickets to buy the NFT, creates a win-win situation as users have fixed rewards from NFT + chance to win prizes from the lottery game.

  • NFTs are bought and sold using GW tokens. Trading of GW token, will bring several opportunity to earn extra fund through GW token.

  • Our platform operates with a fully decentralized and transparent approach, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for P2P NFT trading

  • P2P trading will be conducted under the platform's contract to prevent any fraudulent activities.

  • NFTs can be validated on the platform, creating a scam-proof environment for NFT traders.

Valued creation

we create value of our stake holders and our business by carefully managing the user return on capitals and leverage one on the increased token price.

P2P Trading

  • Allowing users to purchase lottery tickets instead of just paying for the service would create a sense of value and excitement, as they would have the opportunity to both support the service and potentially win a prize.

  • As the prize pool for the lottery grows through P2P trading participation, people will naturally be more motivated to purchase tickets and engage in P2P trading.

  • Since NFTs can only be purchased using Gyrowin tokens, this would greatly increase the lottery prize pool and transaction volume of the Gyrowin token inherently increase the staking, Money plant and Evergreen plant (Convertible Bond).

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